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From this prestigious lineage the Aravindh Homeo Care (AHC) is presently taken over by Dr. Bharat Raj, who has graduated from the prestigious homoeopathic institutes of India, he has completed his (B.H.M.S) from Sarada Krishna homoeopathic medical college and (M.D) Homeopathy in Psychiatry from Dr. M L Dhawale memorial homoeopathic institute. During his education he has undergone specialised training in the field of Child and adult Psychiatry.


To spread Homeopathy in it’s purest form through patient care and affordable holistic healthcare for all


To make Homeopathy the first line of treatment by showing the world it’s efficiency and gentelness of care.

Homeopathy is a scientific system of medicine which was developed in late 1700’s in Germany by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and it is still the second largest system of medicine used all over the globe.

The Homoeopathic medicine acts on the person’s constitution (both mind and body) and direct it in the path of cure. Homoeopathic doctor Needs to understand the patient as a whole which includes both disease symptoms, nature of the patient as a person which includes his craving, aversion and his reaction to his environment etc

In this system of medicine there are large collection of about 4000 drugs. For example in the cases of headache you will find more than 10 prominent remedies and the key in selection homoeopathic remedy depends on the ability to find the remedy according to patient’s symptoms.


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